3 Pack of Plants - 7 Pot Brain Strain Red
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This is a PRE-SALE!! These plants will ship Monday 6/4/18! Do NOT order them if you do not understand what this means!! PLEASE ADVISE!

We are offering these plants as a 3 pack and each pack ordered will include 3 individual LIVE "Brain Strain Red" plants. These plants will arrive roughly 3-4 inches tall with healthy roots!!  We have found this as a GREAT way to have some "Back Up" plants just in case..... Order yours TODAY! :)

 The Internet is a GREAT tool for finding more specific info on ANY given variety of pepper we grow. We also have more pictures of each variety we grow on our Facebook page as well. Stop by and give us a "Like"... we also offer special deals and coupon codes strictly for our Facebook fans! :) Check it out!!







*Created By David Cappiello


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  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

3 Pack of Plants - 7 Pot Brain Strain Red

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