Atomic Split Dessert Dust - 1 oz Bottle
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This is a very special premium gourmet DESSERT seasoning that was developed and created by Jennifer Baker! It is for those out there that have a bit of a "Sweet Tooth"!

 Presenting..... ATOMIC SPLIT!!!!!!

    A one of a kind DESSERT dust/topper that is made from 100% all natural ingredients! No fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives here! Just the FINEST gourmet dessert dust on the PLANET!! :) 

    It is made from a very select list of ingredients that are sure to get your taste buds ready for a ride packed full of EPIC flavors! This blend contains freeze dried bananna powder, freeze dried strawberry powder, gourmet chocolate powder, and some nuclear HOT peppers!!! Do we have your attention yet.......? ;)

   This is PERFECT for any dessert. From yogurt & custard to fresh fruit! From ice cream to fresh baked brownies! From home baked apple pie to cherry cobbler!! The possibilities are literally ENDLESS!  Its flat out AWESOME on most any DESSERT you can imagine!!!!

    The peppers my wife chose for this blend are as follows:

Brazilian Moruga Scorpion Red

Chocolate Primo Reaper

Chocolate Moruga Brain

Butch T Reaper Scorpion

    This blend contains an above average heat folks. It's intended to be a desert topper that is for the SERIOUS chili head! Its a bit spicy, with TONS of sweet & delicious fruit flavor paired with gourmet milk chocolate that is certain to change the way you eat ice cream..... for EVER!!!!! :) :) Order yours TODAY!

    This listing is for ONE (1) bottle containing 1 ounce of powder. It comes heat shrink vaccum sealed & with a 12 hole sifter cap under the lid for easy sprinkling.


***Purchase/Consume at your own risk. You have been warned! :)

  • Item #: SB-ASDD
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Atomic Split Dessert Dust - 1 oz Bottle

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