Baker's Burnin' Bundle O' Seeds - New 2018
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We decided to put together a huge seed bundle of our newest varieties we have for you folks to grow at home in your gardens in 2018!! There will be 20+ Seeds of each variety per pack. The following 10 varieties will be included for the price shown.


** Your seeds will arrive individually packed by variety :)

 Types included:

The Reaper PEACH

Borg 9 Red

Borg 9 Chocolate

Bleeding Borg 9 Red

Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Red

Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Chocolate

Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Red

Kraken Scorpion Chocolate

Apocalypse Scorpion Red

Long Tailed Scorpion Orange (Butch T's Creation)

**All seed orders will be shipped in bubble mailers to aid in safety of seed arrival.


  • Item #: BBOS-2018
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Baker's Burnin' Bundle O' Seeds - New 2018

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