Baker's Smoked Harvest Blend - .75oz Bottle
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This ONE OF A KIND Nuclear Hot Gourmet Chili Powder Blend is called Baker's Smoked Harvest Blend 2018! We slow smoke the peppers for OVER 8 HOURS!! This particular NUCLEAR HOT blend is unique to us at Baker's Peppers and can only be found RIGHT HERE!! :) We decided on the name of this blend as it contains OVER 40+ different varieties of peppers!! Below is a list of the different varieties in this blend. Most of the varieties found in this BRAND NEW blend are varieties so brand new and cutting edge that most people havent even heard of them yet..... You heard me right ChiliHead community... We have what you have been looking for right HERE!! The die-hard pepper heads LOVE this type of stuff!!!! :) We grow and produce EVERY ounce of peppers ourselves that is used to make this blend! We also harvest them by hand! We hand de-stem them, hand split them, and then dehydrate the peppers in small batches. This process is KEY in preserving the flavors and colors found NATURALLY in the peppers! The end result? Only the finest GOURMET chili pepper powder on PLANET EARTH!! We present to you a finished product that contains a whole years worth of hard work & dedication, a whole lotta Florida sunshine, and mother nature at her HOTTEST.... IN EVERY BOTTLE! Baker's Smoked Harvest Blend 2018! A Gourmet chili pepper powder blend you WILL NOT find any where else on the PLANET! We guarantee it!


All natural. No Preservatives. No fillers. Gluten FREE! 100% Pure Chili Pepper Powder!!!


Varieties found in this blend:


Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Red, Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Chocolate, Big Yellow Mama (Primo), Big Red Mama (Primo), Big Black Mama (Primo), Bleeding Borg 9 Red, Borg 9 Chocolate, Borg 9 Red, Kraken Scorpion Chocolate, Apocalypse Scorpion Red, "Long Tailed" Scorpion Orange (Butch T), Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Peach, Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Red, Ghorpion Red, Ghorpion Peach, Ghorpion Yellow, Bhutlah Chocolate, Reaper Red, Reaper Yellow, Reaper Chocolate, Reaper Peach, Scotch Brain Strain Yellow, Scotch Brain Strain Chocolate, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chocolate, Trinidad Scoprion Moruga Yellow, Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate, Butch T Reaper Scorpion Red, 7 Pot LAVA Red, 7 Pot LAVA Yellow, 7 Pot LAVA Chcolate, 7 Pot Brain Strain Red, Ghost Red, Ghost Yellow, Chocolate Primo Reaper, Big Mustard Mama (Primo), Death Spiral Red, Apocalypse Scorpion Chocolate, Ghote White, Ghost Chocolate, Wicked Ass Little 7 Pot (Butch T), and last but not least....a VERY SPECIAL "Unnamed"  NUCLEAR HOT variety that we have CREATED OURSELVES! This pepper has completed 4 generations of grow outs here on our property and is a red variety.

Bottles arrive heat shrink sealed for freshness and they also have a 12 hole sifter cap under the lid for EASY application! :)


**Purchase/Consume at your own risk! :)



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  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Baker's Smoked Harvest Blend - .75oz Bottle

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