Dried Brain Strain Red Peppers - 1oz Pack
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We now have the 7 Pot Brain Strain available! We have them available by the Oz, but have larger quantities available just shoot me an email! These dried pods come seeds and stems removed, so they are READY TO USE!! These have tested at 1.4+ million SHU!! Please use CAUTION when handling these!! I can personally say that these peppers are so hot that u need Nitrile gloves to be able to work with them!!!! Order yours TODAY!! :) This product comes in a vacuum sealed bag, and READY to use! The bag can also be used to crush the dried peppers into powder before you ever open it! Keeps the "particles" out of the air and inside the bag while u convert it to powder form! Then just cut the bag open and your READY TO GO! :) Pour it into your shaker of choice and ENJOY! It takes on average about a POUND or more of fresh peppers to make 1oz of dried peppers! So when you purchase a 1oz pack of dried peppers its the equivalent of almost ONE FULL POUND of fresh peppers, but EVEN BETTER as they NEVER go bad!! Order yours TODAY!!


*Purchase/Consume at your own risk!


  • Item #: DP-BSR
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Dried Brain Strain Red Peppers - 1oz Pack

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