Dried Trinidad Scorpion MORUGA - 1lb
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We now have these available! These are the "Official" Worlds HOTTEST peppers, and you can get yours here!! We have them available by the POUND in this listing! One pound (16 Oz) is what your buying here :)They are READY TO USE!! These have tested at 2+ MILLION SHU!! Please use CAUTION when handling these!! I can personally say that these peppers are so hot that u need more than double layer latex gloves to work with them! If you want the HOTTEST peppers on the PLANET, you have found them!!! Order yours TODAY!! This product comes in a vacuum sealed bag, and READY to use! Order yours TODAY!!



*Purchase/Consume at your own risk!

  • Item #: DP-Mor1lb
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Dried Trinidad Scorpion MORUGA - 1lb

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