Mixed Box O' Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB
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Pre-order only! Ships roughly July 1st 2020! Please take notice of this...

We decided to put together a "Mixed Box" of fresh peppers! Each box ordered will have a totally random MIX of some of the Fresh Peppers we grow and sell. We DO NOT LABEL INDIVIDUAL PEPPERS IN THIS BOX...This is your chance to sample some of the different types of peppers we grow, and your chance to experience the different heat levels and flavors! Its pretty INTENSE if you ask me! :) There will be no rhyme or reason as to which types or how much of each type will be in each box, but we do GUARANTEE they will ALL be NUCLEAR HOT since thats all we grow!

*Seasonal Pricing is in Effect


   The "POSSIBLE" types included are as follows. This list is based on whats CURRENTLY ripening on our plants. This lists changes as the season moves forward...please advise!

Butch T Reaper Scorpion Red

The Reaper Red
The Reaper Peach

"007" Pot Red

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red

Brain Strain Red

Big Mustard Mama
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Mustard
Big Red Mama

Bubblegum 7 Pot

Borg 9 Red

Bleeding Borg 9 Red

Ghost Pepper Purple

Ghorpion Purple (Ghost Scorpion)

MA Wartryx Red

Wartryx Red

Genghis Khan Brain Strain Red

Naga BubbleGum 7 Pot Red

Butch T SUPER Scorpion Red

Trinidad Scorpion "Satan Strain" Red

Skunk Red

Apocalypse Scorpion Red

The Death Spiral

Bhutlah Scorpion Red

7 Pot LAVA Red

BubbleGum Scorpion Red

Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot X SRTSL Red

Bhutlah BubbleGum 7 Pot Red

18-30 peppers per box depending on varieties!! We stuff the box FULL!! :)


 *Purchase/Consume at your OWN RISK!!!


  • Item #: MXSP-1SFRB
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

Mixed Box O' Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB

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