The Reaper PEACH Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB
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 The much anticipated arrival is here.... :) Presenting The REAPER Peach!! This pepper is VERY hot and considered to be amongst the TOP hottest on the PLANET!! It has a very floral aroma when cut open, and a citrus type flavor! This pepper will mature from green to peach/light orange in color. Try these CRAZY hot peppers will be GLAD you did!! Order yours TODAY!! Approx 25-30 peppers per box/order....depending on size of peppers at harvest! Roughly 1.5 million S.H.U. on average!!




  • Item #: TRP-1SFRB
  • Manufacturer: Baker's Peppers LLC

The Reaper PEACH Fresh Peppers - 1 SFRB

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